What a great group to work with!

I met the story tellers Amanda and Wilf and together with them and 4 other participants we listened to the stories and formed teams to work in. I had set out a whole box of materials with which to work and we dove right in and created characters and backdrops. It can be a challenging task to work with someone else’s story, but the participants were fast to grasp the concept of animation. All they needed was some guidance, some inspiration on how to animate a scene and off they went. We even had people take materials home to work on some characters. One participant made a wired puppet with movable limbs!

Over the weeks teams were rebuilt, ideas changed, we had some good laughs together and git was wonderful to see the movie come together. Truly a great experience for me and the participants. Two of them will go on to make movies, one music video is in the works, and the other participant is helping me and a fellow Ottawa based film maker finish an animation project.

-Tina Le Moine


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