Beth McCubbin

Sharing a Meal and Then a Second Workshop

Sharing a meal with the participants in the workshops is such a brilliant idea. All of us were hungry at noon and ate heartily. The afternoon workshop participants were able to snack on food as needed, this being especially beneficial to the children who ate everything in sight!

Two people were signed up for the afternoon workshop; neither of them came…but by 1:30 there were a large number of people who had gathered! Ages ranged from a 3-year-old to a couple of elder grandmothers. I didn’t bring enough rolling mats with me as I expected lower numbers so had to quickly improvise…it all worked out fantastically. All enjoyed the film; actually we watched it twice as 5 more people showed up late. All of them were happy to carve their tiles, some adding colour with the under-glazes others wishing to leave them unglazed. The youngest boy just wanted to paint with the under-glazes so I was able to provide him with two previously cut and dried tiles.

At the beginning of the workshop I always describe how the intent of the project is to create a community mural where each of the tiles made by each participant will hang together to create one big artwork. Everyone is usually very pleased with this idea, and when asked all wish for the final mural to be hung in a very accessible and public place where all peoples are welcome. The young boy who painted two tiles, also agreed with this; but at the end of the workshop came up to me and asked very seriously if I could at least hang his tiles at the bottom of the mural so that he could see them very easily when he went to visit them hanging in the mural. Yes, of course I can!

8.1another beautiful flower image, such an interesting design!
8.2one of the little boys painted tiles; a desert island with a single palm tree, surrounded by water
8.3one of the elder’s tiles; seemingly simple but a very powerful design
8.5this tile was filled with symbolism according to its maker; each of the images in the tile represent different members in her family. A lot of who were also at the workshop making tiles
8.6this tile tells a story about a never-ending river and the paths which are made by those who travel along and across it
8.7a tile made by a young teen, when asked by her mother whether that was a bear paw in the center, she replied that she didn’t know, I liked that answer very much
8.8this tile was made by an older teen boy who prior to the workshop beginning had described to me his favorite art form was making mosaics out of little pieces of glass…this is his clay/glass mosaic
8.9this tile was made an another elder in the group, she wanted very much to represent the textures found in nature…I think she did an excellent job and made this tile seem so soft
8.10this is the second painted tile from the young boy; all the members in his family



  • Beth McCubbin, September 20, 2017

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