Discover the Neighbourhood Arts 150 projects through this gallery of images depicting inclusiveness, diversity and what it means to be Canadian in 2017!

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Découvrez les projets de l’initiative « L’Art des quartiers 150 » grâce à cette galerie de photos faisant écho à l’inclusion, à la diversité et au sens que revêt l’identité canadienne en 2017!

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Margit Hideg’s The Wisdom of the Trees Community Arts Project – Beaverbrook Library
Art Workshops for Children, Teens and Adults

The workshop participants designed a triangular piece of artwork made out of Mylar, that communicated a recorded story, a photograph, a sketch, a doodle or a word. Using each triangular piece, participants then constructed a larger coniferous tree installation. These works visually celebrate that in Canada, we live in diverse communities and each one of us reflects onto the lives of those around us in our neighborhoods.

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Sample clay tiles from Beth McCubbin’s The Clay Project

Rag & Bone “Snippets of Canada 150″

Claudia Salguero’s “Canadian Pride, Harmony in Cultures”


House of PainT Jasmine Park Community Festival, June 3, 2017