Beth McCubbin

Steps to making a clay tile….from a wet block of clay to a hard beautiful stone tile

Rolling out a block of clay;
Side boards are used to ensure the rolled tile will have an even thickness all over;
Tracing out the tile using the wood template;
Taking away the extra clay;
Carving the design into the wet clay;
Applying under-glaze paints to colour the tiles;
Nancy with her finished wet tile;
Tile completely dried after 5 days;
Tile with a clear glaze applied over top;
Tiles loaded into the kiln before firing;
Electric kiln fires for 10 hours reaching 2500 degrees fahrenheit;
Finished tiles….still burning hot in the kiln:

Nancy’s beautiful finished tile!

Beth McCubbin

Workshop at the Shawenjeagamik Centre

This was a great workshop, the Shawenjeagamik Centre at 510 Rideau is a really nice place. It is an outreach, drop-in centre branch of Odawa Native Friendship Centre. Unfortunately we planned our day on the same weekend as the big June Pow Wow at Vincent Massey Park in Ottawa…so attendance was not as we expected. But the folks who came made up for the numbers in enthusiasm! Thank so much to Carrie and Jamie for organizing the workshop with 510 Rideau…and to Nancy who made it all so worthwhile!

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Showing Nancy how to ‘erase’ mistakes on a wet tile. Photo credit: Andrew Alexander
Making and designing tiles. Photo credit: Andrew Alexander
Transferring an image onto the wet clay. Photo credit: Andrew Alexander
Pressing an image into the wet clay. Photo credit: Andrew Alexander
Painting finished design. Photo credit: Andrew Alexander